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Well we’re creating it!  Other than playing on the many frozen lakes and ponds in town, those who lived in Windham and wanted to play ice hockey had to travel far and wide .  It was only fairly recently that the iCenter in Salem and the Cyclones Arena in Hudson were built and provided both the ice time and Youth Hockey organizations which made things a little easier for Hockey Moms and Dads

However, the specialization and privatization of youth hockey leagues, the move away from the “town team” and reasonable length of a hockey season has turned many families away from the game.  Busy parents concerned about the financial and time commitment necessary in many programs are electing to not sign their kids up… even if ice hockey is the parents and kids’ favorite sport.  FOWH will seek to educate parents as to the programs available which focus on teaching the game and making sure the kids are having fun.  FOWH will help with equipment donations, provide scholarships for families who need the help and perhaps in one day in the not so distant future, have our own facility and league.

Today, kids from Windham could be playing hockey for the Saints, Top Gun, Cyclones, Rangers, Bulldogs, Avalanche, Predators, Warriors and many other organizations in the Southern, NH/Merrimack Valley area.  It isn’t until the Middle School where many of these kids will skate together for the first time… and that is for one game per week.

Windham High Hockey History:

  • The Windham/Pelham Wolfpack program was launched in 2009 as a JV Only program with 11 players.
  • In 2010, they moved to field a Varsity Team in Division III with 24 players (50/50 Windham & Pelham players).
  • The Wolfpack Varsity was successful competing in Division III in 2011 & 2012, qualifying to compete in the State Tournament.  By the 2012 season, the program had grown to 33 players (75% Windham players) and they also formed a JV team.
  • This past 2012-13 season, the Wolfpack Varsity moved up to compete in a much tougher Division II, finished with a winning record and again qualified for the States.
  • The High School team is entering its 5th year, second year competing in Division II against schools like Bedford, Merrimack, Dover, Bow, Oyster-River, Timberlane, Keene and Alvirne.

The 2012/13 season proved that the team fit in that league, qualifying for the State Tournament and having a majority of their losses be by one goal.  When Windham stands on its own next year, it is the intention of the staff to file the required petitions to remain in Division II as our student enrollment would place the team back in Division III, which in ice hockey is a substantial drop off in the level of play.

Windham Middle School Hockey History:

  • 2007-08: Inaugural season with 1 mixed 6/7/8th grade team.
  • 2008-09: Grew to 2 Windham Teams – 7/8 Bucyk Division Undefeated Champs,  6/7  Neely Division Champs!
  • 2009-10: 2 Windham Teams  (40+ players)
  • 2010-11: 2 Windham Teams  (40+ players)
  • 2011-12: 2 Windham Teams  – 7/8 Undefeated in the highest division (Orr)
  • 2012-13: 2 Windham Teams (40+ players)
  • 2013-14: 3 Windham Team (50+ players) – First year with 3 teams!!!

The FOWH seeks to form a tighter partnership with the Middle School program to get kids excited about the prospect of representing your school, family, and community during a highly competitive high school hockey season.

We’re already seeing players transfer back from private schools and talented freshmen seeking to gain the unique experience high school hockey can offer them.